iOS Devices can be Hacked by Modified Charger

malwear-IOSAs we all know, there is no 100% secure operating system . iOS for some time despite having proven to be a pretty safe operating system, while according to NASA iOS has an unbreakable security system almost but by using a special charger it would be possible to install applications without user consent .


As many media published a research group on the development of tools to install malware on iOS has managed a system that allows you to install applications without interaction with the user and capable of being displayed on the screen. All through a special power charger.

This charger is based on a small plate-style Raspberry Pi and the like that you can connect the cableUSB at the same starts working. This shows that an attack so it is very rarely need access to our fitness device or that we we connected our iPhone or iPad to first connect USB we find. Therefore, to avoid the problem is as simple as always use our charger.

Anyway good holes are discovered so allow the company to plug them into future versions of the system. It could also be the casuistry acquire a circulation of these chargers if consiguiesen sneak a game in some sort of trade or distributor. Yet it quiet until the next conference Black Hat , one of the most important security events, we will have more data on how the process works and details.

Vía | TUAW


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