Google Plus One is More Adopted than Twiter Tweet Button!

Google Plus One  is More Adpted than Twiter Tweet Button.  A Google buttons have only been out for a month, but are more common than the Twitter button on major Web destinations.

BrightEdge, a provider of enterprise platform SEO, analyze the 10,000 largest sites on the web and found a 33% increase in the placement of a button from Google in recent weeks. The company found that buttons are now at 4.4% of those sites, compared to 3.6% in June. Meanwhile, Twitter plug-ins are at 3.4% of the sites.

Both Google and Twitter trail well behind Facebook, whose plug-ins, especially his “like” button, found in about 20% of the first pages of the sites. Note: Although the chart below shows Twitter plug-in as an “action of Twitter,” Yu says CEO Jim BrightEdge referred to Twitter Twitter button.

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