A NASCAR Driver Tweet a Photo During the Race,Taken From His Car

A NASCAR Driver Tweet a Photo Taken From His Car During the Race

We are in the Daytona 500, a test of the popular NASCAR jacket. Suddenly, a car crashes, begins to have fuel on the track and form a big ball of fire. The remaining competitors have no choice but to stop at the track. What do the viewers? For many of them take pictures with their mobile phones and share them on social networks. What about the pilots? Well … the same .

Above you can see a snapshot taken by the driver Brad Keselowski from his car when they were all arrested on the tarmac waiting for the race resumed, with the accident visible in the background. Not only that, but during those few minutes of break, this user will also be devoted to answering fan tweets, which among other things asked him how he had taken the picture and what to do with the phone once again in the race.

A NASCAR Driver Tweet a Photo During the Race,Taken From His Car

 He Gains Over 100,000 Followers Just in Two Hrs.

Within minutes, the pilot got over 100,000 new fans, but surely his action does not go unnoticed either for sports authorities. Can you imagine Tweeting Fernando Alonso in the middle of a race? Or Nadal off the bench in one of the breaks? The truth is that not surprise me to see comenzásemos prohibitions such as athletes are concerned, and even more so when they are in full competition , as is the case.

Information Credit: Mashable


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