The Dream JB “Was Fake” Explained by the Dev-Team


Now it is Explored by Dev-Team that The Dream JB Was Fake and it is just a social experiment.

It’s been a bit ‘that we talk about this elusive Jailbreak Scam “Dream JB”, the tool for the untethered jailbreak for iOS 6, produced by a hypothetical dev-team all-new.As already expected, today we finally got confirmation that it was a fake. But there are people who really believe on it?

Dream JB was just social Experiment?

As we have widely expected in this article , and as we had already warned the most important representatives of the sector of the jailbreak (MuscleNerd, Stefan Esser, Grant Paul) Dream JB proved to be a fake. The video posted a few days ago had also canceled what little credibility you might have an ad like that.

In fact, as we can see from the website of Dream JB , the elusive tool was nothing more than a social experiment, and somehow warning to users novices who believe in ads of this kind, as in the false tool to jailbreak you could hide viruses and other malware.

Below is the translation of this website content Dream JB:

DreamJB was created as a social experiment. Within a single week, more than 20,000 users have followed on Twitter @ DreamJailbreak. This website has had more than 300,000 unique visits. People believed in “jailbreak” which initially was not provided any evidence.

There are services on the internet that ask for money for jailbreak tools that have been released as free. Imagine what would happen if the Dream JB had gone on sale.

The published evidence this night had the task of giving a boost to the final access before the publication of this message.

This is a lesson to the public. Be careful when it comes to tool to jailbreak announced by development team different from the most known and therefore reliable dev-team. Do your research and begin to follow them on Twitter from now.

Beware of ads Releases by anyone, unless they have been confirmed by members of the dev-team.

If Microsoft releases a real jailbreak, they will be the first to inform the possible veracity.

This experiment accurately reflects its name. It’s just a dream.

So for now, as already announced by the various dev-team, no Dream JB.

Surely someone will believe, others will simply have hoped. In fact we are still waiting for a reliable tool for the untethered jailbreak for iOS 6, which will almost certainly before iOS 6.1.The good part is, We have learned a lesson from this Dream JB scam after loosing our money and time.


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