When is the Jailbreak? – Personal Reflections

When is the Jailbreak? - Personal Reflections 1

For some ‘time the jailbreak has become less hectic and interesting. In this article we will touch those that may be the main reasons for this decline of “attractiveness”. If you too are nostalgic of the “golden moments” of the Jailbreak express your opinion through comments.

Lately, interesting news on cydia are very few, even hackers who also usually let themselves go in anyway they published statements or short messages, though enigmatic, seem to have calmed down. And users? You too are a bit ‘used to this situation that could be called static?

” When is the jailbreak? “was perhaps one of the most common questions in the comments on Revoseek. Catchphrase of a need and the frustration of not being able to meet: break through the wall built by Apple and evade its operating system “impersonal”. iOS has always reflected the philosophy that Apple also apply to the hardware where it is installed: a product as much as possible great, but not customizable.

How come no longer feel all these “cries for freedom”? Why users, developers, hackers, in short, the Jailbreak community as a whole seems to be in hibernation? I have done my own analysis, but I’d listen to your opinion so I’ll try to be brief and only offer of insights.

The lack of compatible terminals

Every time you release the new iPhone are many users who switch to the last device, in particular, many iPhone 4 owners have been waiting for the redesign to upgrade. Also just in an article a few days ago we did note that they are still sold many previous generations of iPhone. In a nutshell: The new terminals and then with iOS 6 pre-loaded and there are many for these as you can a tethered Jailbreak (iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4).

Moreover, one must consider that when you release the JB for iPhone 5, unless you found a flaw in hardware (very difficult) Apple may prevent the terminals that will be released later simply release a software update. As it is today for the iPhone 4S.

When is the Jailbreak? - Personal Reflections 2

The lack of new interesting tweak

  • It will be because people with terminal Jailbroken fell, for the reasons already discussed, and then the developers have less interest in developing new tweak?
  • Is it because some features introduced on the terminals are now available on Jailbroken iOS 6 ( here you can find some examples ) so some dev are not interested in updating their tweak?
  • Is it because there is a shortage of good ideas, or that require a commitment too big and not justified by the potential revenue through Cydia?

Although I can not say to what extent, I think every motivation has its weight.

The waning user interest

Some features introduced thanks to Jailbreak iOS were introduced on 6 and this has led many to “make do”, while others will be resigned; someone finds himself in the hands of iPhone 5 a “clean” much faster than a Jailbroken iPhone 4S (or even an iPhone 4) will be associated with the JB something negative.

When is the Jailbreak? - Personal Reflections 3

Why have the Jailbreak? 

Just look at the collections with the best of Cydia to find the reasons more or less valid (according to taste).  iOS 6 functions that I have on my iPhone Jailbroken I wanted directly in the Apple operating system. Here are some examples as:

  • The improved keyboard
  • The shortcuts for Wi-Fi, 3G, brightness etc..
  • The quick answer to your messages in style biteSMS
  • Close with a single gesture all apps in the background
  • Customize graphically the iPhone


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