Auctioned a Rare Prototype Macintosh for $ 100,000 [Video]

MacintoshThe largest auction site in the United States is certainly a center of sales of all types, including the strangest imaginable. Among them, an object appeared today that more than one collector or fan of Apple computers will want to have in your home. This is a prototype of the Macintosh 128k running drive known as Twiggy appeared at auction for the staggering price of $ 100,000.

For those not distracted entiedan the is the eccentricity of this computer, it is difficult to find a similar one mainly because this model did not sell that kind of never drive. Instead, motivated by the unreliability of the format, the company opted to Within months of its launch by switching to 3.5-inch disks that store up to 400 kb.

This model of Macintosh is the first to hit the market with this brand, just after the Lisa personal computer. Began selling under the name of Apple Macintosh in 1984, promoting itself with the recognized trade superbowl based on Orwell’s book and directed by Ridley Scott. This computer all-in-one was a big gamble for the company, with a processor built byMotorola had strong sales for several years. When Apple launched the model of 512 kb that became labeled as the Macintosh 128K.

According to the author of the auction, despite having previously appeared only evidence of this computer had been plates and shells which revealed its existence. This would be the first time that this internal model comes out and is put on sale.

The auction includes:

  • The prototype of the Macintosh 128k with Twiggy disk drive 5.25-inch
  • Keyboard Macintosh prototype working (tested in traditional models).
  • Keyboard, mouse and power cord officers Macintosh 128k running.

The computer works but can not boot , the reason for this is that this model had the operating system on a disk that should be inserted at start, then you could withdraw. As you can imagine, having a copy of the disk system Twiggy would be an even greater rarity. In this way the computer, as seen in the images can not exceed the screen that asks you insert a disc.

The user making the sale is called wozniac with long history and good reputation of the company selling antiques on the block, but so far had been T-shirts, manuals and some peripherals. For the strangeness of this sale was suspected that this was truly Steve Wozniak although that seems simply impossible , even if it were not for the detail of the sale and the seller’s reputation hesitate publication.


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