Apple Patents a “Virtual Wallet” and NFC Payment System

Apple patents a virtual wallet and NFC payment system

There is nothing like writing about the future of electronic payments and find out in just ten minutes apart that Apple has made his pass a patent that is exactly the same: a system that uses a chip NFC for payments quickly accompanied by a virtual wallet or ‘iWallet’ as discussed in the source.

In the diagram you can see just above, and we understand that iTunes would serve as a basis to manage this system, which would be able to manage regular payments (invoices, financing) or establish a payment restrictions in case the owner of the account is a child who is using the credit card of their parents. These credit cards would be added to our account of Apple in a way very similar to what has Google Wallet in some Android, with what our iPhone could make payments by simply holding the phone to a receiver NFC . In fact, this could work even with the cards we already have in our accounts linked Apple to buy from the iTunes Store, the App Store or iBooks Store. All payments we reflect on a history within the same iTunes.

Will the iPhone of the future such a system? We have a patent, so that we can not bet on anything. It depends on the decisions made in Cupertino and whether some negotiations with banks and credit card companies have come out as they should, but in reality would be an explosion of these payments helped by the sales phenomenon that causes each new generation phone Apple.

Information Source: Patently Apple


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