Apple iPad 3 As a Cash Register (Video)

Apple iPad 3 As a Cash Register (Video)The iPad app Square Register is primarily intended for small businesses with customer traffic, which afford an expensive cash register system. The store owner can create its products, browse them arranged in a matrix. Frequently ordered items can be prominent and easily accessible place on the interface.

The seller chooses only per purchase transaction, goods on the touch screen and enter your payment method, the customer wants. About the services of Square Card Reader for iPhone and iPad, which is inserted into the combined headphone / microphone input, credit cards can also be read. A payment in cash or on account is also possible. This is intended to administration clients, which is also integrated into the app.


The dealer can evaluate the purchases and recognize for example, which products are sold on what days and times at best. The iPad app is free. For credit card transactions, however, requires Square 2.75 percent of sales as commission. Other monthly charges apply is not an.

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