Apple Introduced the AppleCare + for the iPad Warranty

Apple Introduced the AppleCare plus for the iPad Warranty

While Apple at the press conference did not specifically mention the AppleCare + , the Apple official website, Apple updated the AppleCare page.It is pay warranty service upgrade to the AppleCare + for the iPad . 

The new iPad is not yet listed, and therefore the AppleCare + for the iPad is not open to buy, only marked the ” coming soon “, the purchase price is also unknown. Based on the description page, the AppleCare will extended the iPad warranty period  for two years during the period of service, the AppleCare + not only warranty the hardware of the iPad , maintenance software, but also including two accidental damage warranty. Insured each time a user pay only $ 49 , you can repair the damage caused by accident.

iPhone 4S release, Apple also introduced the AppleCare + for the iPhone , priced at $ 99 . Expected that the AppleCare + for iPad should be maintained at a price of $ 99 to participate in the AppleCare + Service Customers have 30 days from the date of purchase iPad overdue invalid.


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