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How to Restore iOS 5.0.1 from iOS 5.1

When he came iOS 5.1 the vast majority of users rushed to download it just think of the advantages and disadvantages that this could be. one of the most important is the loss of untethered Jailbreak. There is currently tethered jailbreak for all devices except those carrying iOS A5 processor (iPad iPhone 2 and 4S). […]

Good News for Jailbreakers: iFaith Allows Downgrade to iOS 5.0

At hide and seek between Apple and jailbreakers, the company had released a new lock system, which prevented devices to restore the previous version firmwire 5.x With the help.  but the iFaith-one tool for Windows, the hacker iH8sn0w succeeded and found a way to bypass the blockade and allow a return to older firmwire. Now, you probably […]

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Apple “iPad 3” To Be iPad HD in Near Future ?

Richi Jennings reports that Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is said to be preparing the iPad 3, except that it is named – the rumor is that it will be called iPhone HD, with its screen Retina. And yet it seems that the release date is this year. IT BlogWatch, bloggers squint at their screens suddenly unacceptably […]

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New Apple Product “iPad 3” Goes into Production

Fans of Apple products a good news for you. When iPhone 4S went on sale , the press began to receive rumors about the next generation tablet of “Apple” Corporation  iPad 3. According to Susquehanna Financial Analyst Jeff Fidakaro (Jeff Fidacaro), iPad 3 went into production. According to him, in the 4th quarter of 2011 planned production of […]

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AVG 2012 Free Edition Officially Available [Download]

AVG has released the latest version of Anti Virus, AVG 2012. The new version comes with many improvements, enhancements and other changes. You can download a free version now. One of the most prominent change is that it has dropped 40% the size of your hard drive for virus database.

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Google is Introducing A Fresh YouTube Interface.

After rolling out Google+ and sneak previewing a revamped Gmail interface, currently Google has redesigned YouTube with new options that are quite skin deep. Announced on Thursday on the YouTube Blog, the new Youtube interface is an experiment that Google is looking “Cosmic Panda,” and in contrast to Google+, this one’s open to everybody. Gone […]

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