Google is Introducing A Fresh YouTube Interface.

Google is Introducing A Fresh YouTube Interface.After rolling out Google+ and sneak previewing a revamped Gmail interface, currently Google has redesigned YouTube with new options that are quite skin deep.

Announced on Thursday on the YouTube Blog, the new Youtube interface is an experiment that Google is looking “Cosmic Panda,” and in contrast to Google+, this one’s open to everybody.

Gone is that white background beneath the video player, replaced by a less-distracting dark grey backdrop. At all-time low of that frame are four new icons that allow you conveniently modification the video frame size. There are new page styles and improved editing tools to customise channels. better of all, when you’re using Google Chrome, you’ll keep one video taking part in whereas you’re yearning for others, switching between channels or playlists.

Another improvement is that the ability to decide on whether or not you see comments or not, with buttons permitting you to dismiss comments and fill the page below the video player with prompt videos that are every finish larger frames. additionally, Cosmic Panda makes it easier to edit a channel template, giving users a alternative of layouts for creators, bloggers, networks and a general-use template Google calls “everything.”

Unfortunately, Google’s YouTube player has retained the previous transport controls from the previous YouTube interface, and there’s no icon to click to incrementally skip forward or backward. you’ll still do this with the slider management beneath the video, however as you’ll see in our gallery of screenshots below, on this new edition, the zone where you’ll click to skip forward or backward is even smaller than that space on the previous version.

Even with those quibbles, i believe the new YouTube interface could be a vital improvement over this one. What does one think? Go ahead, strive it yourself at Google’s Cosmic Panda page. And don’t worry — if you don’t adore it, you’ll simply modification back to the previous YouTube interface.

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