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Pixar Will Release Two Short Films Based on “Toy Story”

Pixar studio working on two new animated short, the main characters which will be characters from “Toy Story.” This was reported at Big Screen Animation. Timing of each of the new cartoon will be 22 minutes. It is noteworthy that both belts are designed for display on TV

‘Brave’ Final Trailer and New Poster of Pixar’s Latest Film

Pixar had been up very little guarantee of quality cinema, but doubts have arisen among many after the relative fiasco that was ‘Cars 2’, carried out by an unnecessary sequel to the blockbuster of themerchandising of the first delivery. Moreover, in the future there is a sequel that fails to be too exciting a priori. Fortunately, his next production […]

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Billionaire Without a Diploma

iPod, iPhone and iPhone have their origin due to Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO.There are many other Products tied to Steve jobs. After a long battle with Cancer, lost jobs this week’s battle.  Billionaire without a diploma That you do not necessarily need a degree to be successful, there is evidence of Steve Jobs. He studied at […]

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