Pixar Will Release Two Short Films Based on “Toy Story”

Toy-StoryPixar studio working on two new animated short, the main characters which will be characters from “Toy Story.” This was reported at Big Screen Animation.

Timing of each of the new cartoon will be 22 minutes. It is noteworthy that both belts are designed for display on TV (it is the Disney Channel or ABC), and not in theaters. The first short film will provide viewers in October 2013, the second – in the spring of 2014.

Information about what the characters “Toy Story” will appear in the shorts, there is currently no.

A series of “Toy Story” currently has three full-length tapes and a few shorts.Polnometrazhki was released released in 1995, 1999 and 2010. The last of them was able to earn more than a billion dollars and as a result became the most successful from a commercial point of view cartoon of all time. In addition, a third “Toy Story” was put forward by five “Oscars”, including the main award for “Best Film”.

In June 2011, actor Tom Hanks, voiced Woody the cowboy, the hero of the three previous series, said that the studio Pixar plans to remove the “Toy Story 4.”

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