‘Brave’ Final Trailer and New Poster of Pixar’s Latest Film

BravePixar had been up very little guarantee of quality cinema, but doubts have arisen among many after the relative fiasco that was ‘Cars 2’, carried out by an unnecessary sequel to the blockbuster of themerchandising of the first delivery. Moreover, in the future there is a sequel that fails to be too exciting a priori. Fortunately, his next production to reach us is ‘Brave ‘ , a film with an original story created by Brenda Chapman and Irene Mecchi will settle to the fact that all cassettes featuring Pixar characters would have been male. However, what matters is that today we can already see the final trailer (real one, not a scene from the film as was the earlier ) and several promotional posters .

‘Brave ‘ tells the story of Princess Merida, a young woman who does not accept the traditions of his homeland and wants to be the master of its destiny. A day comes for help to a medium, which gives you a desire thwarted. Then come a danger that will test the capabilities of Merida, a class goalkeeper, to put an end to a curse before it’s too late. The plot is not that sounds like a genius, but Pixar has given ample proof of what can be done with simple stories, so I have all my confidence. Also, the trailers we have seen so far gave rise to optimism, showing that being the nearest movie productions of the company.

In a country like Spain where the overwhelming majority of the movies dubbed films exhibit some may not be interested in this data, but the original version of ‘Brave’ we hear, among others, the voices of Kelly Macdonald (the minor with whom he slept the character of Ewan McGregor in “Trainspotting”), Emma Thompson, Billy Connolly, Julie Walters, Kevin McKidd, Craig Ferguson (host of one of the best late-night USA ) and Robbie Coltrane . The address is provided by Brenda Chapman and Mark Andrews , and still be the bearer of bad news, but the film is released inUSA on 27th June, while in Spain we have to wait until August 17 ??. A decision is incomprehensible, but then will blame piracy if success is less than expected.


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