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Apple Accounts are Hacked, but how?

Yesterday Media Reported¬†a regular phenomenon that affects users of iTunes, hacking of their account.¬† The result is always the same.¬†After finding username and password of the user, hackers use the account to buy apps or make purchases in-App.¬† The big question is how the pirates recover these passwords.¬†Time was discussed in some media of a […]

The FBI Closed Megaupload for Piracy and Detained Seven Executives

Just one day after the protest over the possible passage of new antipiracy law in the U.S.,Megaupload¬†, one of the largest web sites for file sharing was disabled at the request of the FBI, according to the¬†Wall Street Journal¬†.¬†Megavideo and Megap0rn¬†, along with 16 other partner sites, were also affected by the blockade of American […]

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The Protest has Won:The SOPA is Postponed

The directed anti-SOPA has won . The auto-dimming sites and the great media uproar rise up at this time raised its first (part-time as important) result: the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) will not be voted on in the coming days as originally planned and the work are therefore postponed to February .

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Anonymous Threaten Again The Sony on Support SOPA

The Hacker group Anonymous, which this year attacked several game companies, most notably¬†Sony¬†PlayStation Network ¬†has returned to threaten the company. ¬† This time the subject is supported by Sony to Stop Online Piracy Act, A bill known as SOPA which extends the applicability of U.S. law¬†and copyright owners to combat Internet downloads protected by copyright […]

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Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of 2011

The TorrentFreak wrote a list of 10 most pirated movies of 2011. According to the receive data from BitTorrent.¬†The website states that the # 1 pirate movie of the year was not as popular as last year’s # 1, Avatar, which received over 16 million times.¬† The figures also show a downward trend throughout the […]

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Google Removed Piracy Sites BitT0rrent from Search Results

Late last year, Google made changes to the way¬†auto complete¬†and search services direct to deal keywords pirate site like “BitTorrent”, in order to block completely. Now Google, clearly opens the ‘war’ names directly blocking sites like Pirate Bay, ISOHunt, TorrentReactor and auto-completion and direct search.¬†These results are not filtered out completely, but it becomes more […]

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