The FBI Closed Megaupload for Piracy and Detained Seven Executives

The FBI Closed Megaupload for Piracy and Detained Seven Executives

Just one day after the protest over the possible passage of new antipiracy law in the U.S.,Megaupload , one of the largest web sites for file sharing was disabled at the request of the FBI, according to the Wall Street Journal . Megavideo and Megap0rn , along with 16 other partner sites, were also affected by the blockade of American justice, which also seized 50 million dollars from the accounts of the company based in Hong Kong.

U.S. courts ordered the closure of and arrested seven employees for violations of copyright, among which is the founder and sole shareholder Megaupload Vestor, Kim Dotcom, 37, a resident of Hong Kong and New Zealand, also known as Kim and Jim Kim Vestor Tim Schmitz. The rest are three Germans, a Slovak, an Estonian and Dutch.

Megaupload Ltd and another company linked to the case, Vestor Ltd, were indicted by the House of accusations of Virginia (east) copyright violation and also for attempted extortion and money laundering, offenses penalized with 20 years in prison .

While the operation came a day after a series of web pages SOUP protested the initiative, which seeks to enact a law to block foreign websites that may impair works protected by copyright, police sources cited by the WSJ say, however, there is no connection between this operation, carried out an investigation after two years, and the controversy over the SOPA .

After two years of investigation, the FBI accused Megaupload responsible for charges that include conspiracy to commit crimes and violation of copyright . The Justice Department accused those responsible for ” massive piracy worldwide in different types of works protected by intellectual property rights. ” Furthermore, in a statement released Thursday, ensures that these pages have generated more than $ 175 million in criminal activities and have caused “more than 500 billion dollars in damages to the owners of protected works. “

The site said, just a week ago in an interview with the Nouvel Observateur , which had one billion users, representing 4% of the Internet. Defended themselves against accusations of piracy, saying that they were only storage site, ” we are your hard disk remotely , “said Emmanuel Gadaix, technical director and spokesman for Megaupload. is already involved in a legal dispute with Universal Music Group.

Last December, the site released a video in which great music stars, working with major record labels in the world, showing their support for the service. Among the artists who spoke of the advantages of Megaupload were P Diddy,, Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West and Lil John .

The file sharing site, which since Thursday afternoon is inaccessible- is one of the world’s largest of its kind. is in operation since 2005 and allows for “up” all kinds of files which can then be downloaded to any another computer. Also, Megavideo allows any user to post videos that can then be viewed anywhere, as does YouTube .

Both sites have been identified by content companies to facilitate the downloading and viewing of works protected by copyright. Both sites, which many consider centers unauthorized downloads of music, movies, series or protected books have been persecuted by the porn industry, the British authorities, French, Italian and even American, Google and the RIAA by Mastercard , among others.

So far, the company had resisted covered that in addition to host content protected by copyright, there are many users who used the file sharing service in a private and legitimate . Also, delete all content likely to be safe than companies claimed.

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