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17 Secrets iOS 5 For the iPhone

Upgrade to the “five” were quick to all holders of “iPhones“, whose apparatus for it is not too old. But not everyone mastered the tricks of the new operating system. we tells you what and where to click to go to the “you” in communion with the gadget. Read in today’s material of the 17 secrets of iOS […]

HTC Zeta: A Quad-Core 2.5GHz and Android ICS

After we lit fires with HTC Edge , the first (theoretical) quad-core Android smartphone we will see in 2012, now comes a new photo and information for even a quad-core smartphone company, the HTC Zeta , clocked at 2.5 GHz! The information leaked by Engadget want the device has the following characteristics:

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Should I Get a Apple iPhone 4s Or Samsung Galaxy S2 ?

On Yahoo Answers Folks ask the Question “Should I Get A iPhone 4s Or Samsung Galaxy S2”. I Think to  Provide a Detail Answer of this question t0 my visitors. Here is a Simple Comparison. The Samsung S2 Galaxy or S II is probably one of the biggest rivals the iPhone 4S

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