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Compare XS, XR, XS Max – Which iPhone do you prefer?

XS is standard. XR is cheap. XS Max is large. In order to understand each model of the new iPhone from Apple, it seems good to start from that point first. The series structure of the iPhone is straightforward from Android where fragmentation is terrible. Apple still has three storage capacities for each of the three models. In addition, there are […]

iPhone XS would sell better than iPhone 8

Apparently, buyers are more attracted to the iPhone Xs than to the iPhone 8 . This is in any case what advance several new reports.Apple unveiled the new iPhone on September 12 and some were marketed just days after that date. Indeed, the iPhone Xs and Xs Max are available on the market since September 21, which is not yet the case […]

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What the iPhone Xs and Xs Max users complain about – 3 main problems

The unnatural selfies were the lesser of evils. Problems with charging in sleep mode Many owners of the new iPhone Xs began to report problems with charging in sleep mode. Someone’s smartphone with the display off, simply refuses to accept a charge, and someone even hangs. And this applies to both wired and wireless charging. This serious problem was […]

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