Compare XS, XR, XS Max – Which iPhone do you prefer?

XS is standard. XR is cheap. XS Max is large. In order to understand each model of the new iPhone from Apple, it seems good to start from that point first. The series structure of the iPhone is straightforward from Android where fragmentation is terrible. Apple still has three storage capacities for each of the three models. In addition, there are nine color variations.

Compare XS, XR, XS Max - Which iPhone do you prefer? 1

XS is iPhone X, Max is an update version of Plus, XR is a revival version of iPhone SE suitable for buying children. Let’s see the functions, price, options, shipping schedule etc. of each series below.

Compare XS, XR, XS Max - Which iPhone do you prefer? 2

iPhone XS – standard, small, fast

Apple’s new flagship machine is iPhone XS . If you’re looking for models that fit Apple’s best technology but are comfortably fit in your pocket, this is it.

This model employs OLED and Super Retina diagonal size 5.8 inches. The resolution is HDR display of 458 PPI. The size is slightly longer than the 5.5 inch of the current 8 Plus but the width is narrow. The area of ??the screen itself is decreasing a little. The main camera supports camera shake correction and doubled optical zoom with 2 megapixels. In portrait mode you can adjust the depth of field. The price is $ 999 for 64GB, $ 1149 for 256GB, $ 1349 for 512GB.

Color variations are silver, gold, space gray and the enclosure is made of stainless steel with a waterproof function of 2 meters in depth. The reservation will be shipped from the 21st at the start of September 14th.

iPhone XS Max – Screens are BIG, Big Price

iPhone XS Max is good for watching movies and pictures on smartphones or taking videos .

The display is 6.5 inches, OLED ‘s Super Retina. Beyond the 8 Plus iPhone is the largest screen area ever, but only slightly larger than the overall device size XS. This is because XS Max’s screen occupies a large proportion. Twin camera function, 12 megapixel, camera shake correction, 2x optical zoom, depth of field adjustment in portrait mode etc are the same as XS.

The enclosure is waterproof stainless steel with a water depth of 2 meters, and the color variation is the same as XS, silver, gold and space gray. The price is plus 100 dollars for the corresponding XS model. 64GB is 1,099 dollars, 256 gigabytes is $ 1249 dollars, and 512 gigabytes is $ 1449 dollars. Like XS, we accept reservation from 14th and ship from 21th.

iPhone XR – colorful, cheap, features primitive

If you are not aiming for products with edge features such as best feature and display max, buying the iPhone XR will somewhat save the cache. The display size is 6.1 inches diagonal between XS and XS Max, but it adopts normal liquid crystal instead of OLED. Liquid Retina screen resolution is 326 PPI.

Since the resolution is low and it is not HDR, the XR screen is not as brilliant as XS. Also, the XR main camera has only one 12 mega pixel. There is no camera shake correction, twice optical zoom. However, since there is a portrait depth of field adjustment function, it is possible to add blur to the background according to your preference.

Although XR is also waterproof, it is 1 meter for XS system water depth of 2 meters. It also omits the 3D Touch function which makes it easy to call options by pushing hard.

In XR, the battery driving time has become longer by 1.5 hours, and six cool colors are selected. The enclosure is made of aluminum, and white, black, blue, yellow and red finishing is prepared. The price is affordable with 64GB for $ 749, 128GB for $ 799 and 256GB for $ 899.

If you still think it’s still expensive, iPhone 7 costed from $ 449 and iPhone 8 cut from $ 599 each. 6S, SE will be discontinued, so there will be no model with headphone jack. Is it because of wanting to buy a high model, XR’s release is delayed by 1 month from XS, XS Max? The reservation reception is October 19, the shipment is scheduled from 26th.

Apple seems to be thinking that anyone with this variation should be able to find the product that suits his taste and usage. Conversely, as a consumer I’m worried about which one to buy. Many major improvements were added to iPhone X this time, but if the function so far is not necessary, many more affordable models are prepared as introduced above.

Source: Techcrunch


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