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The Girl Had Predicted Her Own Death at Facebook, Was Shot Dead

Earlier this week, 12-year-old Rami Grimmer posted in her profile on Facebook sort of prediction of its own destruction. After a while it really has been shot. This terrible thing happened in Texas, USA. Rami makeup artist shot her own mother, Rachel Grimmer, and then committed suicide. Total shots were three – one destined brother Rami, Timothy Grimmer. Note […]

Emma Watson:The Face of New Fragrance

Emma Watson 21. She was “honored Hermione England,” the author’s own clothing line, approximate man Dispose of used batteries, and dashing avtogonschitsa. More recently, the actress has also become the face of new fragrance Midnight Rose Trysor from Lancome, which helped her open a new entity – a fragile and delicate French. Hi! How are you? Great! And how […]

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The Secret of Vintage Perfume Fragrances

What is vintage? The literal translation of this fashionable word is Wine with an exposure of at least 10 years.However, we used to use that word, referring to the style of clothing of their adornment of a beautiful old thing, pleasing the eye than one generation. Here the word “vintage” applies to things that are more than […]

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