Bollywood film Posters With Hollywood Ideas

Bollywood Film Posters Stolen from Hollywood Ideas

It is said that film posters, speaks a thousand words and make us to assume  about the story and it also develop the interest of any upcoming movie But some of the Bollywood poster  bring to mind just one word copy. These  posters are showcase which shows  how ‘inspired’ Bollywood’s publicity campaigns are from Hollywood.

It is not a new thing for Hindi scriptwriters and composers to look  toward the Hollywood  for ideas and now film posters are also very much inspierd by Hollywood .Recently second poster of Shah Rukh Khan starrer “Ra.One  had  resemblance from  “Batman Begins”.

Bollywood Film Posters Stolen from Hollywood Ideas
"Dhuan" after "Three idoits" by Aamir khan

‘Dhuan’ After 3 Idiots by Aamir Khan

 "Dhuan" after "Three idoits" by Aamir khanAfter about  two years we will  see our perfectionist star Aamir Khan on-screen. No doubt,  His outstanding performance in “three idoits” was super duper successful . But, as we  know Aamir is filming  for his up coming flick with Reema Katgi who also  made “Honeymoon Travels”. In this movie Aamir will play the role of a “cop” with a moustache as well, but source says that he is not very happy whith his cop,s looks. Aamir Khan is only actor who played  different roles in different movies. Before this flick he has played  the role of cop  twice , one was a big floop and the other was  successful on Box office and now  Aamir will   play the role of  a cop third time . May be the name of  this cop flick, has been titled ‘Dhuan’

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