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Sony Smart Watch: The Watch that Speaks with Android

It may not be a clock from Sony to bring out¬†problems¬†faced in the financial statements of the company, but the new devices announced at this time it’s something that suggests that the group believes in the cabinet, as it intends to bet on Android and how much longer considers can give the sector.

Bollywood Film Posters Stolen from Hollywood Ideas

It is said that¬†film posters, speaks a thousand words and make us to¬†assume¬† about the story and it also¬†develop¬†the interest of any upcoming movie But some of the Bollywood poster ¬†bring to mind just one word copy. These ¬†posters are showcase which¬†shows¬† how ‘inspired’ Bollywood’s publicity campaigns are from¬†Hollywood. It is not a new thing […]

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Dolphin Tale And The Lion King Rocked on Box Office

Parents like to ¬†take ¬†their¬†children¬†to¬†cinemas¬†for family films. Disney’s rerelease of this month are¬†Lion King, ¬†Dolphin Tale¬†and the Christian drama¬†Courageous . These movies beat big budget flicks¬†like Brad Pitt,s Money ball

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‚ÄėDhuan‚Äô After 3 Idiots by Aamir Khan

After about ¬†two years we will ¬†see our perfectionist star Aamir Khan on-screen. No doubt, ¬†His outstanding¬†performance in “three idoits” was super duper successful . But, as we ¬†know Aamir is filming ¬†for his up coming flick with Reema Katgi who also ¬†made “Honeymoon Travels”. In this movie Aamir will play the role of a […]

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Bollywood ‚ÄúRa.One‚ÄĚ Based , Sci-Fi Game For Sony Playstation 3.

The¬† Sony development team within the UK is functioning on a game adaptation of upcoming Bollywood sci-fi flick Ra.One. The film, that stars Shah Rukh Khan, can see its game seem on each PS2 and PS3, the latter as a downloadable PSN title. Players will take management of Ra.One, the movie’s hero, or G.One, who […]

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Chammak Challo Song Of Ra.1 Movie Leaked on the web

  Shah Rukh Khan should be a stressed man. The audio of the a lot of awaited song ‘Chammak Challo’ from his super hero flick “Ra.One” has already been leaked on the web. it is a rough cut of the song that is meant to be the most effective track of the album. ‘Wanna be […]

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