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3D Printers Will be in Space

3D printers could soon reach into space. It is will particularly useful tools for astronauts in exploration of other planets and the moon in the first place. Some researchers in fact, demonstrated the possibility of using the lunar rocks as a raw material for the production of simple tools using 3D printers. So it will enable the manufacturing […]

3D Printing and the Gestation of the Third Industrial Revolution

Statistical Studies of Peer Production is a site sponsored by Michael Bauwens P2P Foundation, dedicated to conduct surveys and provide tools to generate knowledge about the motivations, activities and community development DIY production. SSPP few days ago published the results of its survey concerning 3D printing technology and manufacturing communities staff , which yields data that deserve attention.

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How to Copy-Paste a Building

DOWNLOAD PDF Depth of Surface Exhibition Publication The copy process, did not begin or end with computers and the internet, copy culture is ancient and its impact on the way we access, accumulate and distribute goods and ideas has only been amplified by digital technologies. 3D printing is the process of physical copies of digital […]

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The 3D Systems Brings 3D Printer App for Kinect at CES

Plus news on 3D printers can not constitute something so terrible, since they have already begun to move some equipment and services related to 3D printing, however Cubify is undoubtedly a very user-friendly solution above and which is working. The 3D Systems will make its appearance at CES 2012 with the Cube 3D printer, but will […]

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10 Incredible Technological Achievements in 2011

In the outgoing 2011 has been committed by a lot of discoveries in various fields. Many of these discoveries relate to computer technology, and they may strongly influence the further development of the IT industry. Here are ten most important developments, some of which are already widely used. 1. Flexible OLED-displays. Researchers managed to create very thin OLED […]

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