Nutritionists have Defined “Bad” Foods for Breakfast

bad-food-for-breakfastNutritionists tell what foods to eat on an empty stomach are bad, because they can cause a variety of diseases. The list of banned products include some of the vegetables and fruits that are traditionally the morning diet of the majority.

  • Bananas – are high in magnesium. It can disrupt the balance of calcium and magnesium in the body that leads to cardiovascular disease.
  • Oranges – on an empty stomach can cause gastritis and allergies.
  • Persimmons and tomatoes – a large amount of pectin and tannic acid in them can cause the formation of gastric stones.
  • Cucumbers, peppers, cabbage – can irritate the stomach lining, people with problematic digestion recommend withdrawal.
  • Yogurt – recommend eating two hours after a meal or at bedtime. Only in these cases, it helps the process of digestion.
  • Sweet potatoes – causes heaviness in the stomach.
  • Sugar – in an empty stomach it blocks the production of insulin in order to maintain its normal level in the blood. Contributes to eye disease and can disrupt the acid-alkaline balance.
  • Garlic – can cause stomach cramps.

The researchers found that the first meal is extremely important for a person, as it prevents the emergence of chronic diseases, normalize body weight and improves mental performance.

Recommended products for breakfast

  • Oatmeal whole grain
  • Low-fat milk
  • Cheese
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