9 Ways to Lose Weight Even if You are Terribly Lazy

Lose Your Weight With the Help of a MicrochipWant to lose weight but just can not gather the strength to go on a diet and start to play sports?

The beauty, slim figure and good looks – all this requires effort and investment.

However, to stay slim is not so difficult, even if you’re terribly lazy, you just need to:

1:Turn off the TV Рit was lying on the couch in front often leads to excess weight. The fact that the body of a man who likes to spend hours just to roll from side to side and click the buttons on the TV remote, there is pressure on the cells, which promotes the formation of fat. If you still can not deny yourself this pleasure, at least from time to time to get up and walk. And, ideally, also do isometric exercises for the press to 30 seconds.

For example, here is one of them: lie on your back, arms rest against the floor, straighten your legs and lift. Work too hard for 5-10 seconds, then relax. The next visit with hands and legs and upper back, pull your hands in front of him. During the exercise, see forward. By the way, this exercise will greatly improve digestion.

2 To remove excess fat from food. To live without consuming fat at all Рit is impossible. But here is to get rid of excess fat Рthis is just what you need. Normal tissue blot excess fat with a pizza, hamburger, sausage or a piece of meat Рit will reduce the fat content in snack at least 14%.

3:¬†Going to the store with the mind¬†Caught in the supermarket, try to keep the border regions, where the fruits and vegetables, and do not approach the various goodies.¬†Even if you’re not very hungry, they can cause appetite and lead to more centimeters in the waist.

4. Kissing! Many, often and with pleasure. It has long been proven that during the kiss has 30 facial muscles.That is, the more you kiss, the later you will have wrinkles and other flaws in the face. Also, kissing stimulates the immune system, since the exchange of saliva in the immunity processes are run to identify the bacterial agents.And kisses reduce the risk of high blood pressure and cholesterol.As for weight loss, that one kiss burns 12 calories. That is, three passionate kisses a day burn pounds!

5.¬†Pause during the meal.¬†Your stomach needs time, that “understand” the amount eaten and signal the brain about the saturation.¬†When we eat fast and without stopping, then skip this signal and as a result – overeat.

6. Open windows at night Рto sleep best in a cool room, because then the body will produce more brown fat instead of white fat cells, and the body begins to actively burn calories to keep warm.

7. Comply with generally small portions. A la carte meals with a few interruptions, nutritionists say the best for losing weight without the  stress . By controlling portions, you reduce food intake by 300 calories a day and lose a pound in 2 weeks.

8. Drink more water. Especially helpful to drink water for 15-20 minutes before meals. Need to drink 2 glasses of pure water. At the same time to drink during a meal is not worth it, and the first drink after a meal can be done in two hours. Also, after a meal you can drink coffee and tea, but no snacks. This simple trick helps to lose 5-8 pounds in two weeks.

9.¬†Smile!¬†Good mood is very strong effect on weight loss.¬†When¬†depression¬†in the body increases production of “stress hormone” cortisol, from which the organism finds – it’s time to stock up on fat.¬†Also on cortisol affects the arteries in which the fat is deposited, and the press.

By the way, according to American researchers, sincere laughter burns 10 to 50 calories per minute.¬†10-15 minutes of daily laughter “destroy” to 50 calories.¬†Laughter, to some extent a substitute for aerobics, after laughing, the man breathes a lot of oxygen, which stimulates the heart and blood circulation in the body.¬†In addition, during the giggles going¬†massage¬†internal organs, allowing them to operate more efficiently.¬†


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