How to Tie a Tie

There are  some simple ways to tie a tie and also we offer you the most popular options, as well as guidelines for choosing the node that matches your shirt. Tie,Knot,Collar,Node,Fashion,How to Tie a Tie

Four-in-handEight Simple Ways to Tie a Tie

The simplest and most popular  knot. It is suitable for those who are just learning to tie a tie, and goes with almost any collared shirt. It is important that the  knot has not been closed edges of the collar.[youtube][/youtube]

Cross site or «Christensen»Eight Simple Ways to Tie a Tie

This  knot is best suited to tie a thin cloth. Used in conjunction with high collars.


Small knotEight Simple Ways to Tie a Tie

As its name implies small, suitable for thin (silk, for example) node tissue and close fitting collar. Very easily tied.


WindsorEight Simple Ways to Tie a Tie

This is one of the most popular  knot. Quite complex in execution, but gives spectacular results. The size of the  knot can be adjusted by changing the ends of the tie, and experimenting with the width, but in any case, it turns out great, so it is best suited to the expanded collar workers, such as the Italian shirts.


PoluvindzorEight Simple Ways to Tie a Tie

This is less voluminous than the classic Windsor knot. It is suitable for the direct ties of thin fabric, harmoniously combined with open collars.

 Prince AlbertEight Simple Ways to Tie a Tie

This is a very compact unit, which blends perfectly with long collars. Can be useful if you are dealing with a narrow tie. Choose to tie it in with a soft cloth.


ButterflyEight Simple Ways to Tie a Tie

Most men who have come to receptions, find it difficult to use with a bow tie.You can, of course, wearing bow tie on elastic, but still advised to master this science, in order to shine in any setting.

AscotEight Simple Ways to Tie a Tie

If you are following the example of dudes Jude Law was replaced in her wardrobe to tie a scarf, that node will have your taste. Handkerchief tucked in the shirt collar and top button have to be undone.


In addition to these there are many other ways to tie a tie. You can make an unusual  knot as part of their extravagant image. The main thing to remember the basic rules: complex  knot – thin fabric, large – widely spaced collars.Experiment, choose what suits you. Or maybe you want to invent your own way? Good luck!


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