Nanotechnology Creates a T-shirt Computer !

Group nano technologists from the U.S., France and Italy set out to produce a new generation of personal computers, which will take the form of clothing.Technology for creating transistors and circuits made of cotton have been developed by them .It takes time not more than painting fabric paintings.Nanotechnology Creates a T-shirt Computer !

 If successful in the future it becomes possible to establish mass production of computers-shirts. In order to develop transistors (organic and low-voltage electrochemical) on a cotton thread nanoparticles caused elements of conducting electrical current. Then the processed yarn woven small canvas. Fabric to be not so elastic as a material for shirts, but more elastic than any known pattern of conductors. Thus, the leaf tissue was converted into a computer matrix.

 However, the issue of security of the device while wearing it on your body is still open. Scientists this side of his discovery does not comment. In addition, it is necessary to solve another problem in relation to recharge the tissue machine.

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