Daily Consumption of Cocoa Drinks Enhances Memory

Daily Consumption of  Cocoa Drinks Enhances Memory Scientists have long pointed out that such a product like cocoahas a huge number of positive attributes. A new research  has revealed another it is found that daily consumption of Chocolate or cocoa, among other things, improves memory and brain activity . The researchers conducted an experiment in which observed the 63 volunteer participants, whose age ranged from 40 to 65 years.All of them were invited for a month every day to drink cocoa.At the end of the experiment, experts have tested all the subjects and carried out a scan of their brain.

Moreover, all participants were divided into three groups. Made up the first drink of cocoa, which contained 500 mg of flavonoids, those who were in the second – the drink, the content of flavonoids which was 250 mg, and the rest  no cocoa at all of these substances. According to lead study author, Professor of Psychopharmacology, Center for Rights at the University of Swinburne David Kemfilda, this effect is caused by consumption of cocoa is just the action it contains flavonoids.

As noted by Dr. Kemfild likely, these plant compounds protect the brain from fatigue and improve its performance. It is particularly useful properties are only complete unroasted cocoa beans. But the positive properties of chocolate, which is known to be also made on the basis of cocoa beans and it would seem, should be as useful, are virtually nil. This also applies to milk and dark chocolate, in the preparation of which cocoa beans are roasted.


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