uMoove to Control your Phone with your Eyes

uMoove-Control-Phone-EyesuMoove can do something that is rumored to bring the Samsung Galaxy S4 uMoove to Control your Phone with your Eyes 2Something that a few years ago would have seemed science fiction we are talking about to control our phone with the eyes. We do scroll, move through menus and play games without touching the screen. 

Allowing uMoove is making a series of actions by sight , without involving the hands at all. uMoove is a startup that has been developing this technology for the past three years and offers mobile monitoring with eyes and head, and it also supports the tracking of this. The advantage of this technology against what is rumored that Samsung may have is that devices would be available for both iOS and Android , as offered to the developers.

This technology was initially thought to help disabled persons in the company as one of the founders has a family member with an illness that causes paralysis, which was ineligible to use screens and existing devices. Because it is now easier to surf the web, read books and even play games.

That is why, thanks to the camera can detect both the nod as the eyes , either simultaneously or separately and can work even with low-resolution cameras. As we can see in the video we can only scroll up or down but we can control games, move through menus etc and accuracy is pretty accurate. We’ll see if they manage to implant in most applications.

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