Razer will Present Project Fionain the CES 2012, Possibly Razer Switchblade

Razer will present Project Fiona on January 10- possibly Razer Switchblade

The American company Razer has released a video showing some of the latest to go to work, “Fiona Project . ” In the video we note that it is a form of gambling in the PC world.

We understand that behind this ” Fiona Project “could be a promising Razer Switchblade , presented at the last CES 2011. Unfortunately the video does not show the external appearance of the device at any time:


If it were Razer Switchblade , I remember that it is a kind of portable video game system, Nintendo DS and mix Optimus keyboard. With the second share the ability to customize the keys, and the first of its forms and the use of a touch screen.

In his presentation at the CES last year, the prototype had a touch screen 7 inch , and the processor belongs to the family of Intel Atom . I refresh the memory with the following Stream:


It could also be Razor Blade

A second option would be the presentation of 17-inch laptop Razer Blade , also market-oriented video games. We also have a video about it:


Anyway, the next January 10 officially presented to us in the CES 2012 .


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