Holographic Touch Screen on Palm is not Science Fiction

holographic touch screen on your palmInstitute of Carnegie Mellon University doctoral student and human induced members of Microsoft Research – Chris Harrison developed a magical device, the plot of science fiction can be moved to the real reality of life, realize the palm of your hand into the touch screen.

 Often in science fiction will see a scene, would like to call, just lift your arm, it will automatically appear on a cell phone screen, to see part-time, they will automatically A virtual wrist watch. Recently, the human sense from Carnegie Mellon University and Microsoft Research Institute doctoral student members – Chris Harrison (Chris Harrison) to come up with an amazing device, you can plot the true sci-fi film move to real life, truly touch the palm of your hand into.

The device can be achieved in the palm of your hand on the dial telephone keypad.

It is understood that the device built-in one camera and one projector. User as long as the device worn on the shoulder, the camera will automatically capture the user’s finger image, then the device within the system based on the user’s finger into a finger-related information produced three-dimensional “map.”

Holographic Touch Screen on Palm is not Science Fiction

With the device, the wall can be keyboarding

The combination of these information, the system will have special software to create a graphic on the user’s finger bone, so the system can accurately indicate the area where the finger. When the finger in contact with a plane, the camera will automatically find the click of a finger area. Another tool for the system, it is a mini-projector, it can focus on distant objects at the right, when successful, it will automatically projected onto the plane of the object. In this way, the user just like, you can use any one plane as hand touch screen to use, whether it is a wall, or Notepad, or palm, and in such a unique “Hand Touch” can occur in a variety of images, only need to focus the projector on the plane you want to appear in the object, it will be easily achieved. The most amazing is that when users touch these images with your fingers, there will be a real click feeling.


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