How Do you Punish your Computer for Behaving Badly? Please Answer


Today Morning – I do not know, why an Amazing Question Spark in my mind. Perhaps the reason for this question is the Article that I write some days ago, i.e. Robots Have Started to Learn by Example or the article in which the future of A.I is Predicted.

If  Computer have Emotions /Understand Human Emotions and Getting Closer to Human then the Question arises

 “How Do you Punish your Computer for Behaving Badly”.

I have tried to find the answer with different Web Resources like yahoo-answers but not find the Reasonable answer which satisfy me.

Even the Best answer is not  Acceptable for me  and perhaps same for you.

I decide to through this question in your Court, so please answer this Question in Comment Box. 

However, I am Pasting the Snapshot of Yahoo-Answers which help you to generate Better Answer.


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