Camera for Emotional Analysis

The scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have designed software that can analyze human facial expressions.

In each election, voters typically tune the final result front of the television, computer or mobile devices like smartphones.

Now researchers want to take advantage of the fact that habits to make professional camera exposes readers react when your face through the screen information.

This software will monitor and analyze the mold 24 points around the mouth, eyes, nose and record structures, colors, shapes and movements of the face.

Camera for Emotional Analysis 1

Camera read facial expressions of the object

Based on data collected, Mind Reader can be quite accurately interpret the emotions of a person, according to New Scientist.

The researchers have installed the software distinguish between emotional states like joy and sorrow; depressed and excited; disgust and satisfaction.

While this technology can attract the attention of the advertising industry, experts argue that its strength lies in its ability to summarize the reactions of people in events such as elections.

“I felt the technology could allow us to provide a voice uttered no words for the crowd, thereby improving the strength of the general population , “said Rana el Kaliouby expert at MIT.


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