NVIDIA Renames and Records “Core Support” Tegra 3 to 4-PLUS-1

NVIDIA Renames and Records the Core Support Tegra 3

The manufacturer of graphics processors and SoCs for mobile devices, NVIDIA , announced today a curious change in his line of Tegra chips. The company has decided to officially name its technology “core support” or “core Ninja” as the naming came so far, found in its latest chip all-in-one and adds a small core of low to the central unit to handle the simplest tasks to reduce overall energy consumption. Starting today, the fifth core Tegra 3 is officially known 4-PLUS-1 quad-core architecture  and will be a trademark to protect the assault of competition.

This technology has much in common with computing big.LITTLE ARM in its foundation: the SoC processor with integrated high performance main centers – in the case of NVIDIA Cortex-A9, and the ARM Cortex-new A15 – also features an extra core, and lower specification very low consumption – in a discrete big.LITTLE Cortex-A7 – automatically using it for secondary processing and applications sleepers while main cores remain in a dormant state, so that maximizes battery life.

The reason is that the firm offers its clients, as technology became popular, more forcefully demanded a name for her, that was “unique and descriptive.” The assemblers and manufacturers of tablets and smartphones were looking for a brand that can boast adding your logo on product packaging so that consumers instantly recognize “value.” But the most logical conclusion is that the firm is concerned about the implementation of the same process in competing products, to create what you want to defend a trademark to protect them against possible “copies” (not forgetting that in essence, 4 – PLU-1 and big.LITTLE look exactly the same concept) NVIDIA believes that its Tegra 3 technology 4-PLUS-1 will cover “more and more devices,” which will begin to unfold at MWC 2012 (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona From next Monday.


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