OS X Mountain Lion :The Original Support for the AMD and NVIDIA Graphics

Animal in New Mac OS X logo is not Really a Mountain Lion - It is Puma

Apple last week after the release of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion developer preview version has been a lot of developers started to download a trial trip. In addition to enjoy this version of OS X’s iOS new features, these developers will step by step in Mountain Lion, which excavated some unknown changes, such as we are going to introduce one.

According to foreign media reports, there are hackers OS X, Mountain Lion, the original support for AMD and NVIDIA video card. In other words, without the help of any tools or hack, the AMD / of NVIDIA graphics cards to run in OS X, Mountain Lion.

The news that AMD graphics card running OS X, Mountain Lion, can not be too “old”, such as the Radeon 6950 in the latest version of OS X which perform tasks. Even a developer claimed that, in Mountain Lion, preheat start back to the Lion, the Radeon 6 950 racing is not missed. In addition, developers also found that OS X, Mountain Lion, the same support from the NVIDIA GTX 570.

So far, outside of the Radeon 6.95 thousand and GTX 570 graphics card in OS X, the support of the Mountain Lion on the list is not yet known.

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