Microsoft Surface 2.0 Now Available

Microsoft Surface

Samsung and Microsoft have introduced the second version of the interactive whiteboard Surface 2.0 .This is an interactive display model that keeps the essence of desktop format although can be placed both horizontally and vertically.

 This time, the size of the touch screen surface is 40 inches (compared to the initial model presented by 30 inches). It also incorporates interesting innovations, such as PixelSense technology in its LCD screen, which can recognize over 50 different touch points simultaneously so that information can be immediately processed and interpreted.

In the first generation of Surface , the device using cameras mounted around the screen to detect the movements of the hands of users, and the objects placed on the screen. In this generation evolved Surface , PixelSense ensures that each pixel is used as a camera, thereby significantly improving the user experience. 

With respect to the new size of the touch screen surface, indicating that the format is 16 : 9 with possibility of setting resolutions of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The spec sheet also indicates that the brightness amounts to 300 cd/m2, and glass has been reinforced with Gorilla Glass technology to prevent surface damage.

 The new interactive panel is based on an embedded PC processor made by AMD Athlon II X2 Dual Core 2.9 GHz speed, together with a Radeon HD 6750M graphics with DirectX 11 support. Surface 2.0 also has additional ports type of USB, card reader, Wireless and Bluetooth wireless connectivity and Gigabit Ethernet. In order to provide output to other screens, has HDMI connection. Without doubt, the new hardware promises to improve the user experience of the initial version.

The developers are currently working with the SDK version of Microsoft Surface 2.0 and development tools that enable greater deployment of SUR40 in different environments and types of business. This SDK allows developers to write a single application that works the same way in any PC with the version of Windows 7 for touch devices. 

During the presentation, conducted by Jose Azcona, Director General of the IT Division at Samsung Electronics, and Mary Garana, President of Microsoft North America,“both have highlighted the many possibilities offered by the business environment.”

Mary has placed particular emphasis on new digital marketing opportunities and tourism. Surface 2.0 now has 350 partners worldwide, and only in Spain and 30 is closely linked to the development of applications.For the purposes of design and function, both have highlighted the new technology applied to multi-touch screen PixelSense, reducing weight up to 40 kilograms compared to the first version with the table weighing 90 kilograms, and the price reduction which is now located in the 7,900 euros. The commercialization of Samsung SUR40 will be conducted by Samsung at the hands of the usual distributors of the company.


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