Microsoft Described the Metro IE10 for Windows 8

Microsoft Described the Metro IE10 for Windows 8

The announcement of the official blog Building Windows 8, Microsoft has talked about what innovations get the Internet Explorer browser 10 and the first of its lightweight version of the interface Metro.

The official release of the browser IE10 is expected to officially release Windows 8 this fall. It will be available in the full version and lite version for optimized for Tablet PC interface Metro. The new corporate tool for viewing web pages provide the user “immersive” as well as an increased level of security. Metro-version of the browser is fully optimized for touch control. The developer has closed all the navigation menus and tabs, allowing users to see on the tablet screen just open a web page, the controls appear only when a user intentionally “pull” them from the bottom of the screen. A similar effect can be achieved by right-clicking the mouse or keyboard Windows + Z on the keyboard, but for the Tablet PC, obviously, is good only for the first option.

Other browser features include an improved touch-sensitive keyboard, an integrated spelling checker, and search for text on the open page. Metro IE10, among other things, blurs the lines between web and applications. The system interface allows you to view web pages and work with an open application on one screen. Through the browser, you can also gain access to such standard features of Windows 8 as the “Search”, “Publishing”, “Devices” and “Settings.” These functions open a sliding motion from the right edge of the display or the keyboard shortcut Windows + C, as well as the movement of the mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen or the top right corner. Also available advanced settings screen “Start”.

Finally, in addition to a fast browsing, the developer has taken care of a high security product, is used by many of the developments that have appeared in Internet Explorer 9. Here there is filtering SmartScreen XSS, check function of image applications, private mode browsing, protection from surveillance, protection from freezes and data recovery tools.


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