Mozilla has Launched Firefox Development for Metro

Mozilla has Launched Firefox Development for Metro

When my colleague Miguel Lopez told us barely a month ago Mozilla plans for 2012 , one of the issues pointed out was that the browser Firefox have a version adapted to the new Metro-like interface of Windows 8 .

Plans are already materializing, since Mozilla has officially confirmed through one of the heads of Firefox, Brian R. Bondy, who works for the Metro-style version of Firefox have already begun .

As indicated Bondy, in Windows 8 there are three types of applications: the classic desktop applications and browser Metro stylish Metro desktop enabled. Firefox will be within the third category.

This means that Firefox will run as a desktop application or as an application of Metro , as it currently does Internet Explorer 10. This duality requires the development of a large amount of new code and the project is very large.

By decision of Microsoft, a desktop browser with style enabled Metro, Metro will only run if the default browser . For this reason, if Firefox is the default browser will run only as traditional application.

Firefox will enable Metro style and should be included and packaged in the traditional way, so Bondy not sure if Firefox style Metro will be in store for Windows applications.

In my opinion, Microsoft’s decision on this matter could be tied to the struggle against its major competitor in the field of the browser is Google Chrome. And just as things in the browser market with Chrome taking away share to Internet Explorer, Microsoft could be interested tended a hand to Firefox.

Source: Brian R. Bondy Blog

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