Humor: Apple Aims to Solve the Problem of Their iOS Maps


We all know that Apple’s maps have some problem  , in fact Revoseek publish an entry with the most fun because some are really great, for those who do not have to suffer. But while the improvements are coming, the guys from ” The Onion” add a little humor to the thing , they had a hilarious idea to solve the problem.

 ” Change the world as look at the maps . ” Apple Company is too much powerful so the guys from The Onion have thought that it is easier for Apple to change the world so that it looks like Apple’s iOS maps.

Dont you think so? Watch the video that accompanies this post, I still can not stop laughing at some of the ideas to make the streets look like Apple’s maps.Now Christmas will arrives in Earth 1.5, the new version of the earth designed by Apple and much easier to use.


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