Tom Cruise, “Do not be Cynical and Selfish”

Tom Cruise  The magazine “Forbes” has once again recognize Tom Cruise’s highest-paid actor ($ 75 million in 2011) and on the other hand his wife Katie Holmes announced the divorce. Today, the actor is going through hard times, but looks to the future with optimism. Most recently, Tom has celebrated his fiftieth anniversary.

– 50 years of your life – this is a milestone when it is possible to draw any conclusions? You are generally inclined to the analysis of lived or look only forward?

I think that each of us examines the past, even if it is not recognized! But no specific results I was not going to strike. Like not going to slow down the very progress, without which it simply can not imagine my life. But the sheer number of 50 does not cause me any unusual emotion – another birthday and nothing more. I feel great and am going for a long time to appear in adventure films, which can independently perform tricks!

– If you look back on childhood and adolescence, which event was life-changing for you? And who has changed your life?

My mom is the person who changed my life. I was very young when she was with me and my three sisters moved from Canada to the United States. My father stayed in Canada and did not pay alimony. We lived very modestly, but my  mother managed to bring  convinced optimists for us.

And one of the crucial moments of my childhood was Christmas in the mid-’70s, before which my mother said that she had almost no money for gifts to us, but it should not spoil our family holiday. She invited the whole week before Christmas to do good deeds! And we were good for each other magicians, I helped with washing dishes and delivering laundry to the laundry room and back, sister of the paper made Christmas decorations …In short, we met a great Christmas. And I have realized that we should never lose heart!

Another person , whom I am very grateful – my ex-wife Nicole Kidman. I always think about her with great respect. She has incredible strength of spirit and beauty – and I’m talking about the beauty of her soul.

– Thanks to the movie “Mission Impossible” with your help many teenagers dream to become secret agents. Are you a kid who wanted to be?

– You might be surprised, but I’m fascinated with the history of childhood and dreamed of becoming a warrior, fight the villains. And my dreams were quite specific – for example, I wanted to go back and kill Hitler! When my peers were playing with cars and soldiers, I was sitting with some interesting book, and dreamed about the exploits of … Many years later worked on the movie “Valkyrie,” in which I played a German officer who plans to murder the Fuhrer, I often recalled those moments of  childhood.

– Are you a fan of motor racing. Is on the set of epinephrine is not enough?

– It is necessary to separate stunts in movies and in real life. I hope that you have no doubt that I, Tom Cruise drive carefully and observe traffic rules. And that is my superhero in the “Mission” Ethan Hunt cabs on the screen – just one of the laws of the genre. As for the adrenaline, you’re right – it is enough to shoot. For example, will never forget the scene from the latest series of paintings “Mission Impossible”, when my character was at an altitude of 124-floor skyscraper … But on the other hand, the person performing this trick, I thought that even a fall from third floor can be fatal, so much higher – the better! (Laughs.)

By the way are you a soft or hard father in real life?

– My children are unlikely to call me hard! (Laughs) But seriously, I think: it is difficult to overestimate the impact of parents on the child. As I said, my father removed himself from our lives, and I met him, when I grew up. I sincerely wanted to understand him, but he could not. All that thought, looking at him: “I hope I  will never do with my  loved ones as he did with his wife and children.”

 After going through a bad experience of family life, what advice would you give to young couples?

– Unfortunately, we live in a world full of cynicism. So, my advice – do not be cynical and selfish. You can always torture yourself and loved ones because of some problems, but you can get together and try to eliminate these problems. This approach is also used in the education of children.


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