Selena Gomez will not Talk About Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez will not talk about Justin Bieber

After celebrating its first anniversary, the singer refused to comment on Justin Bieber at a press conference in Mexico. Is everything all right between them?

The artist is clear. Over love, there is something much more important to her: her fans. ‘s own Selena Gomez said: “They are most important to me.”

“I am an ordinary person of 19 years and I know I’m not perfect, I make mistakes , but I try to have my fans always present, does not do anything that might offend them, “said the artist.

But apart from his followers, for it is another great pillar in his life, which does not seem to have traces of her boyfriend : “I have the luck to have a very strong family and great friends, and they are the ones who help me, that I protected when there are difficult times, “he said. “I think that is what has helped me be near my family and friends if you surround yourself with positive people and good, everything else disappears.”

Why Selena Gomez is closed again when talking about their feelings? However, it seems that their agendas artists always have a place to see and enjoy, like any couple in love.

Source [Europa Press]


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