Justin’s Mysterious Words That “Selena Gomez” Likes

Justin's Mysterious Words That "Selena Gomez" Likes“Selena Gomez” disclose that there are two Justin Bieber’s Mysterious words which she likes very much Guess what are they?

These  specific words are ‘Eh?‘ and ‘Lookit.” Justin Bieber uses  these words  not for  professing his love for Selena  but  he uses these words in his  casual conversation.

According to” Hollywood Life”, these Selena’s  particularly faoruit  words  are just words which ” Justin Bieber” uses in his normal conversation but she loves these words.Selena says,

“He says plenty ‘Lookit’. He says that is a Canadian issue too, however I do not understand.”
While ‘Eh?‘ is pretty widely known as a Canadian term–‘lookit‘ has long circulated the U.S. as well–and is most frequently utilized by young children.
For example, “Lookit–see the truck over there?”
It just about suggests that “Look at that.”
Eh?” undecided what meaning, however it has been used for, “What?,” and one thing admire, “You know?”

we hope Justin Bieber will soon tell his fans about these two words that Selena Gomez finds adorable. Or maybe some one else tell us the meaning of these words . Is there any one who can tell us?

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