Robert Pattinson’s Hollywood Career is in Danger

Robert Pattinson Shared his Views About True LoveRobert Pattinson , who gained fame master vampire of all time thanks to “Twilight,” is hoping to get rid of the image of “an actor in one role.” However, it is not easy to do: his success in Hollywood is poor  because the last two films with the actor made a very small fee

No picture of ” Dear Friend “, filmed on the eponymous short story by Guy de Maupassant, or David Cronenberg’s film”Cosmopolis “is not a great success with viewers. “My dear friend,” the producers have to admit, despite the star cast of actors (Uma Thurman , Kristin Scott Thomas , Christina Ricci ), suffered in the U.S. commercial grief.

The same fate awaited a second job Pattinson – tape “Cosmopolis”, shown at the Cannes Film Festival. Things reached the point that Robert Pattinson in Hollywood started as a joke compared to the … Greece, equating to a crisis in the country to the financial failure of the paintings, which starred the actor after the “Twilight” saga.

Robert Pattinson himself, who now lives in Los Angeles with his beloved Kristen Stewart , says that the last two films with him – challenging for the perception of the audience, and their lack of commercial success is fully justified and expected.

In contrast, Pattinson, Kristen Stewart case in Hollywood until the fold is much better. For example, ” Snow White and the Hunter , “has collected a quarter billion dollars in worldwide box office. Not surprisingly, Forbes magazine named the highest paid actress Kristen Stewart in 2011.


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