Where are the Pokémon? Telling a Google map

Pokémon GO is the application that allows you to combine a passion for animals in pixels with augmented reality  which continues to grow unabated. The increase of members, however, a troublesome side effect seems to involve certain users:

Pokemon on Google Map

Pokémon available in their surroundings seem more and more scarce. Effect of cut-throat competition at the local level, perhaps, but also the distribution of the same logic not yet fully understood. May soon come a tool, however, I thought for the lazy players, those who have no intention of wandering empty in their neighborhood staring smartphone. This is a Google map derived from gambling data provided they Niantic decides to block it in the bud.


The map in question, whose idea was born in the undergrowth of Reddit, was developed by the developer Ahmed Almutawa : obtaining some game data, you can bring on the classic Google maps any single Pokémon in your area at any given time. The project, although both appeared on GitHub and Reddit, however, is characterized by a small detail: the mapping of GO Pokémon , in fact, is not yet accessible to the general public.

 As well as reports The Verge, Almutawa would explain how many developers are creating the user-friendly maps , since at the time the project requires some programming skills and familiarity with the code, a prerequisite not widespread among the GO Pokémon players. The news, however, has already created the first controversy, since the existence of a map to find the exact position of each Pokémon in a given time off, of course, passion and fun to the game. The gameplay, in fact, bases its foundations on the ability to track down the animals according to their intuition, luck and vague suggestions made from the app, so not very different from the classic game “water-fire.”

However, is not everything: Niantic, the company that developed the popular application, may take all steps necessary to block the creation of similar maps in the bud, thus avoiding the easy trick. To do so, it is possible that in the future be issued a mandatory update that makes it invisible to third parties the data obtained to place Pokémon on Google Maps .

Waiting to see how it turns out, it should be noted that there are other online maps related to the game, albeit with one major difference. While that of Almutawa is based on the actual information of GO Pokémon server, the others are created based on reports and subscriber sightings.


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