Use Google Maps via Siri Without Jailbreak? It is possible (Video)


More than 10 million downloads of Google Maps in less than 48 hours since its launch in the App Store are recorded and this number will rise in the coming days.The app combines a beautiful interface clean and functional, impressive database of Google maps, the result of years of work and many improvements – However, there is a method to use voice commands to Siri to manage Google Maps on devices unmodified.

The guys from CultOfMac have found a way to manage Google Maps through the voice prompts Siri without the need to jailbreak the device. The method currently only seems to work if we set the voice assistant in English and is to dictate “path transit “at the request of directions, for example:” Take me to the nearest hospital via transit “to get the path to be followed towards the nearest hospital.

This will launch a window where you can choose the application you want to use, including the satellite navigation system installed on our device and available on the AppStore, including even Google Maps.


Many iOS users have been waiting for months for the release of an App official map services of Google Maps.

As we all know, however, iOS does not allow the user to choose any Predefined Apps, preferring every time that relating to the service performed by Apple. In this way, although Google Maps is a superior alternative to the consideration of Apple, we are able to use the Google Apps by taking advantage of the other services that offer the device in Cupertino, such as Siri.

The above method, however, as noted above, only works if we set up Siri in English in our device, probably because the “transit route” belongs to a whole series of functions is still missing in localized versions of the assistant voice in languages ??of the world. One of these is Wolfram Alpha, the search engine that responds to your requests and mathematical operations, based on a truly immense database of content.

It would be nice to see arrive on devices around the world, including Italian, these features undoubtedly useful, and who knows if the next year there will be news in this regard, as was the rest in 2012, with the introduction of Siri in Italy and many other countries.

UPDATE: After some tests, we found that even with Siri in Italian can we get an indication road with Google Maps.

The method is to use a ploy to force Siri to create the path with the Google application. The “transit route” described above, it should be replaced with “public transport”. In the example, we tried to ask Siri to take us to the nearest hospital by public transport , and that’s actually running the operation, we are asked to choose between different applications, with Google Maps (already installed on the device ) in the first position ready to create the required route.

Here is the Video for Google Maps using Siri


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