MOST Anticipated Game Of The Year”Battlefield 3″[Trailer]

MOST Anticipated game of the year Battlefield 3 1Here are only a couple of weeks before, when on the shelves will be one of the most anticipated games of 2011. Developers thoroughly heated interest in this part of the Battlefield and ensure that the new engine, Frostbite 2 make millions favorite episode is even better. Are fighting for a mortgage, that even without these promises players in flocks

for Battlefield 3 , sweeping in the way of sales, cashiers, and sometimes the doors of shops. With a number of multiplayer features can be found in the open beta version of the game . And what about the other important element – the story campaign? Response we received at the exhibition.

MOST Anticipated game of the year  Battlefield 3“Igromir 2011” from the main designer of the multiplayer  Battlefield 3  Lars Gustafson. With the Xbox 360 gamepad in hand, we were in the form of Sergeant Blackburn, who along with fellow peacekeepers invades Iran with the best intentions – to shoot people who pose a threat to world peace. That is, about one-third of the population.

Demo started with a briefing on the outside. He passed in a typical modern military shooters place – a hill in the vicinity of Tehran. It was night, so visibility was severely limited. But we saw how plausible is able to demonstrate the effects vaunted game engine. The light from the light hitting the eyes to the ground prilnuvshego sergeant and instill the desire to squint. A few moments later the soldiers jumped up and rushed to the enemy fortifications. Everywhere zastrekotali machines and cut through the darkness of the chain of tracers. Around the hero of the tanks did not explode, not plowed land helicopters shot down, in general, there is nothing out of unscientific fantasy. However, Battlefield 3 simulates the atmosphere worthy of a combat operation and is doing what needs to get used to any soldier – in the face of the player throwing the mud.


Virtual dirt abound. It leaves a stain on the screen scatters in all directions, and sometimes takes the whole review, if the hero flops to the ground to take cover from enemy attacks. We had a lot of crawling on his belly, as the enemies were firing accurately. Their location on the location, scope bouncing while firing the machine and create a flurry of activity associates impression of chaos on the battlefield. However, the campaign is orchestrated in such a way that you will be able to feel their power.For example, during the siege of the building, we threw a grenade through the window. Explosion, there was silence, but when come to the door as it swung open and out ran a burning enemy, but then fell almost to the feet of Blackburn. At such moments, you realize that if after the operation, the gallant sergeant be awarded a medal, earned her it was you.

Demo unexpectedly cut short, after we shot a lot of people with a machine gun and shotgun. As can be seen in Battlefield 3 players will take part in various operations. Did the developers to balance the scenario and to beat competitors on such indicators as “excitement,” we find out October 28 .


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