25 to 34 Year Old Players are Significant Buyers of Video Games

25 to 34 Year Old Players are Significant Buyers of Computer GamesAccording to foreign media reports, if you are prepared to launch value added model free games, you already have a designer, coding, and a general idea, you should be prepared for the types of Players launch game?

Flurry U.S. market research firm recently conducted a survey on this issue, the players will be divided into different age groups, age groups and then examine what value in the free game took the most time, which then spent the most money.


18-24 year-olds in the game to spend the most time, but the most expensive players aged 25-34. But perhaps more surprising is: “spend the most time,” second to last in the age group 35 – 54 players spend much more than all groups except 25-34 outside. 25-34 years group of players just like hanging a “take the money, less wordy” sign.

These data are collected using Flurry analysis tool, the tool built in about 110,000 iOS / Android should be the one covering the 20 million users.

So how to understand these data? Here are some tips given by the industry:

Although you may not be going all out to create a very bloody fighting games, but the performance was too “child friendly” [like the popular “Blue Elf Village” as] may also not so important. If you focus on 18-39 year-olds will love the game, and you may make a lot of money.

Older users (up to 55 years) have less disposable time and more disposable income. For the summer vacation of 13-year-old students who worked so hard to clearance is the game fun. The 25-year-olds are usually in the use of coffee breaks to play games, so they are more willing to buy some one-off virtual goods to help them more quickly through customs.

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