Fake Posters of “Talaash” Made Aamir Khan Upset

Fake Posters of Talaash Made Aamir Khan UpsetTalaash is one of the most anticipated movie of the year 2012 because it is belong to Mr perfectionist, Aamir Khan but now because of its popularity there is on net, not one but three fake posters of the movie which are available on various sites and blogs . In these fake posters feature moustached look of Aamir and also featured  Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee who are the  lead heroines of the movie.

It is heard that Aamir Khan is very much upset by these fake posters of Talaash so he has hired a foreign cyber agency to investigate the whole matter.Aamir Khan , who plays the  role of  a cop in Talaash, is apparently worried about  these posters, and also very upset from the creators of them.

Aamir Khan’s spokesperson  confirmed this,

We are all concerned about these fake posters. Yes, an online agency has been put on to the job of fact-finding and the fake posters on the net are not even remotely close to the actual designs.

However, if you want to check out these  posters of Talaash which have been doing the rounds on the internet watch below but Remember, they are fake and official poster of Talaash  is not out yet.

Aamir Khan is Worried About Fake Posters of TalaashAamir Khan is Worried About Fake Posters of Talaash



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