Demi Moore Hospitalized Due to Overdose of Unknown substance?

Demi Moore Hospitalized Due to Overdose of Unknown substanceActress Demi Moore has admitted to a clinic in Los Angeles .According to the spokesperson,Hollywood actress needed help physicians Moore in connection with “nervous exhaustion” and other health problems caused by “a stressful situation, in which it was.”

Press office did not directly state that the deterioration of health due to the collapse of the Moor of her marriage with Ashton Kutcher, but made it clear that a “stressful situation” it is meant divorce.

On admission Moore had her press office was forced to officially announce after January 24 a number of American media, specializing in news from the life of celebrities, said that the actress taken to hospital after an overdose of certain medications.

Doctors who came in Demi Moore, say otherwise.Supposedly actress was hospitalized due to abuse of some substance . 

However, the spokesman for the actress chose to leave this post without comment. Evil tongues at once began to say that Demi Moore has “hooked” on drugs, but others  said that the Hollywood actress tried to commit suicide ??

49-year-old Demi Moore announced plans to divorce her 33-year husband Ashton Kutcher in November 2011. In marriage, Moore and Kutcher lived about six years.The reason for parting with her husband to call Moore did not. According to unofficial information, the reason for the divorce are adultery Kutcher.



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