Why Demi Moore Feels a Sense of Insecurity After Divorce ?

Why Demi Moore Feels a Sense of Insecurity After Divorce ?Demi Moore was photographed for the magazine Harper’s BAZAAR and gave a frank interview with her friend Amanda.

In it she talked about how she lives and feels  now, after her divorce from Ashton Kutcher. In particular, they talked about the changes in appearance of Demi ,

I am not comfortable with my body when I feel that it betrays me, as, for example, in the past, when struggling with being overweight and felt like eating something that I can not was there. Or when I can not force my body to do what I want … I am now very thin, but even could not think that someone will tell me that I look not very good. 

Even Demi honestly told about scares of her future,

It’s scary to realize that not everything is under my control. It gives me a sense of insecurity. 

The sharp and significant weight loss, the desire to control everything, fear of the future , all signs of depression and as a consequence of anorexia. Of course, the photo Demi looks amazing, but it actually fit her friends to sound the alarm, while Moore has lost not only youth, but also health.

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