Choose the Most Charming Star Mommy

The consequences of the Hollywood baby boom of recent years – the emergence of many young and beautiful mothers. Some of them are mothers made more attractive than they were before pregnancy. Which of the most wonderful mothers? 

Jessica AlbaJessica Alba

Little Honor (Honor) was born six months ago. Pregnancy was held hard, Jessica suffered from toxemia. Watched in horror as the body over which she had worked a lot, is “huge.” But now she and producer Cash Warren – happy parents. The actress has again become slim and seductive literally in some weeks after birth.Stunningly beautiful mother.

Christina Aguilerastar mom

Who is Christina 28 years old, and her son, Max – 11 months. Throughout pregnancy the singer went on to appear in the secular parties and looked great. It is quite a bit stout after giving birth, but quickly took off those extra pounds. And now once again looks a sex bomb. It seems her husband, Jordan Bretmen was a very caring father.

Angelina Joliestar mom

“Center of my life – children,” – Angelina said in an interview. Today it is – the most famous mom in the world, it has six children: sons Maddox Shiva, Pax Thien and Knox Leon, daughter Zahara Marley, Shiloh Nouvel, Vivienne Marcheline and. All have a last name Jolie-Pitt, though only three – Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne – are the biological children of Angelina and Brad Pitt. In December 2005, Brad Pitt has filed papers to adopt Maddox and Zahara, and 19 January 2006 a California court granted his petition.Both parents often work in different countries, so the kids go to a special international schools, which has branches in different cities.

Cindy Crawfordstar mom

Now supermodel 42 years old, and she still looks amazing. She and her husband Rand Gerber have two children: eight-six year old Presley and Kaya. Both the baby grew as beautiful as her mother, and even now can start modeling career. By the way, Cindy said she will help children to become models, if they choose.

Jennifer Garner

star mom

Wife hunk Ben Affleck has recently given birth to second daughter. The couple already have a three year old little girl named Violet (Violet). Jennifer (36 years) does not leave a baby during the shopping trip and preferred to wear it on his hands, despite a decent period of pregnancy. For the love of this charming couple voyeur paparazzi – both so nice and natural!

Gwen Stefanistar mom 6

Several months ago, singer Gwen Stefani has her mother’s second son, whom they called rocker Gavin Rossdeylom Zuma (Zuma). Her first-born, now two years old, his name is Kingston – after the city of Kingston, that in Jamaica. On the origin of the name Zuma, the singer does not apply. Gwen designer, and she loves to dress up in Kingston – it usually looks stylish, to match mom. As you can see, immediately after the birth took Stephanie to confirm his title style icon – it looks stunning.

Katie Holmesstar mom

Suri is called “the most influential child in the world.” She seems to have taken the best features from both of their parents-handsome. Kathy’s mother dresses her like a doll. Together they look like images from a glossy magazine. 
Tom Cruise recently told how last Christmas he went to her daughter dressed as Santa Claus, shouted “ho-ho-ho!” and began a story about how his way to her with gifts through a snowstorm. Suri is not “kupilas.” “No, Daddy, no!” – Cried baby. “So we’ll have to work on Santa’s way more carefully,” – concluded Cruz.

Salma Hayek

star mom

Salma forty-two years, and it’s still one of the most attractive women in Hollywood. Motherhood is only added to her charm. Her daughter, Valentina is now 15 months, crumb promises to be as pretty.Recently, she was again seen in the society the child’s father, Francois Pinault Andri – it seems he can not forget the beauty.

Reese Witherspoonstar mom

Now Reese Witherspoon (32) meets the handsome Jake Gillenholom (28 years). They spent Christmas together, and said shortly before the 28th birthday of Jake’s romantic dinner in a restaurant. Reese has a reputation model mom. She prefers to do without the nanny, she is preparing for the children and tries to spend all my free time is with them, not at parties.


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